Wines denomination of origin in Spain- Maps by Communities

Spain is a country of wines with a designation of origin with national and international recognition.

Most of the Communities have exceptional wines but we are going to focus this article on detailing with maps the regions that have this category of wines.

Wines with designation of origin, regulations

Denominations of Origin are regulated by Regulation (EU) 401/2010. The regulations includes the following points:

  • Geographical terms are delimited.
  • Labeling is regulated.
  • The types of wines.
  • They must be wines from the same area.
  • The elaboration must follow the regulations.
  • Also enjoy commercial prestige.
  • In addition, the characteristics cannot be altered, they must adhere exclusively to natural environments.

Wines D.O. by Communities

We highlight that 15 of the 17 Autonomous Communities have this category of wines, the Principality of Asturias and Cantabria are exceptions.


Millennial tradition in the cultivation of the vine with outstanding commercial brands and important wines with designation of origin.

Sherry wines, Malaga sweets and liqueurs have been a benchmark in the community for centuries. Vijiriega, Moscatel and Pedro Ximénez among the whites, or Tempranillo, Garnacha and Monastrell, among the reds, which coexist in perfect harmony with international varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Caberneet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, very acclimatized.

Marco de Jerez wines. The terms "Sherry" and "Jerez" have their origin in the Arabic word "Sherish" and are known worldwide.

Wines with designation of origin in Andalusia
Wines with designation of origin in Andalusia


The variety Garnacha stands out.

Viñedos DO de Aragón
Vineyards Denomination of Origin of Aragon


DO Balearic wines
DO Balearic wines

Canary Islands

The Community with the most wines with a designation of origin. Many wineries with tourist routes.

Production of light, fruity and red whites and rosés with wood. Also in La Palma Dry wines, Semi-sweet, volcanic Malvasia and Moscatel sweets.

Wines DO Canarias
Wines DO Canarias

Castilla la Mancha

We highlight the Garnacha Tintorera de Albacete. The weather is very important to produce excellent wines.

Also Airén and Tempranillo.

Wines Designation of Origin Castilla la Mancha
Wines Designation of Origin Castilla la Mancha

Castilla y León, another community that stands out for the quality of its wines, mainly Valladolid

This province, as we have already highlighted in another article, is the one with the most wines with a designation of origin, including a wine route from the city.

Most of the region's wines are of the “pata negra” quality.

Rueda stands out for its innovations and for the quality of the native grape, Verdejo.

In the land of León, the grape varieties «prieto picudo» and «albarin» , unique in the world, stand out.

In Toro there is also the autochthonous variety « Tinta de Toro «.

Denomination of origin wines-de-Castilla-y-León
Denomination of origin wines-de-Castilla-y-León

Catalonia, region of extraordinary importance in wines and cavas

Young white wines.

Vinos denominación de origen de Cataluña
Wines of Catalonia


Vinos denominación de origen de Extremadura
Extremadura wines


The Galician Community has more wine than the Albariño from the Rías Baixas and the Ribeiro.
The wines of the Ribeira Sacra are high quality reds.

Its highly recommended route can be enjoyed along the Miño, which is full of monasteries and which has received this name since the 12th century.

Vinos denominación de origen de Galicia
Wines D.O. from Galicia

The Rioja

More than 50% of the community is dedicated to growing wine with outstanding quality. The ‘Rioja’ brand is one of the five most notorious among the most prestigious wine regions in the world. All the wines are denomination of origin.

Rioja wines
Rioja wines


The only capital in the world that gives its name to wines with a designation of origin.

Madrid wines
Madrid wines


This community stands out for the quality of the Denomination of Origin wines from Jumilla with the MONASTRELL grape variety.

Natural sweet wines and liquor are important.

The Monastrell red grape is also the main one in the DO Bullas, with a practically organic cultivation.

Murcia wines
Murcia wines


The Garnacha grape production stands out.

Vinos denominación de origen de Navarra
Wines D. O. de Navarra

País vasco

Sparkling wines from late harvests. Different wines, «Txakoli».

Basque Country Wines
Basque Country Wines


Monastrell and other varieties.

Garnacha tintorera or Alicante Bouschet. Unique Alicante Muscat.

DO Balearic wines
DO Balearic wines

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