Ampliamos los sensores/SONDAS en el Club de Golf de Pals

After validating the first measurement tests with sensors in the Tees last April, now our Plantae team has achieved install buried sensors in the Green and points of the Streets (at 50m, 100m and 150m).

Sensores en green del Club de Golf de Pals

This new advance has been possible thanks to the LoRa technology implemented in our humidity sensors with:

  • Communication distances between buried sensor.
  • Hub of up to 500 meters.
Sensores en green Plantae
Sensores/sonda en green para controlar la humedad del campo de golf de Pals


Sensors in golf course-Altea
Sensores en campo de golf de Pals

The green is without doubt the most critical surface on a golf course. For this reason, it has been key to implement this new sensor measurement system so as not to hinder gardening tasks and also avoid interrupting the golfers' game.

Therefore, a very interesting product line is confirmed for many more golf courses where the treatment of the lawn and consequently the consumption of resources is a priority issue.

Scheme of Plantae technology in golf courses

Plantae sensors on green

So that the sensors do not interfere with the circuit that the players have to perform, plantae proposes to install the sensors buried in the green.

The lawn requires a lot of care and the irrigation control is especially delicate to maintain the aesthetics and also the ideal height according to the fairways.

The green is the most delicate part, because it is where the ball reaches the last rolling pass. The quality of the grass has to be perfect.

In addition, plantae offers the possibility of measuring conductivity and thus avoiding the accumulation of salts that can damage the lawn.

Also the temperature of the subsoil that would indicate the risk of frost or high temperatures.

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