We return to pistachio on a farm in Toledo

We resumed the installations of our sensors in pistachio for a 60Ha farm in Tembleque (Toledo).

Kerman variety trees planted months ago in loam and sandy loam with drip irrigation.

Pistachio moisture sensors / probes

The pistachio in the Toledo area does not need irrigation in the first years, it favors the adaptation to dry land to form a strong and healthy tree.

When production begins in the sixth year after grafting, controlled watering is convenient, especially at the end of the cold hours and flower germination begins.

During the growth period of the fruit, it needs a degree of humidity that is not excessive and can cause fungi. The best way to find out how much water you need is to use subsurface sensors at different depths.

In this case, more than 50 humidity sensors were installed to control all irrigation sectors and thus optimize the amount of water in each of the areas.

The distribution is made considering all the parameters of distances between trees, type of terrain and therefore possibilities of depth of the wet bulb and root system.

The sensors in pistachio in Toledo

This tree is resistant to drought but it benefits from controlled and abundant irrigation, especially at the time of pollination and fruit formation. But it does not want puddles, that is why sandy or sandy loam soils are suitable for it.

Irrigation is very important in summer, when they are in full production. If the tree suffers water stress, it affects the fruit due to the closure of stomata that influence the oxygenation of the tree.

Irrigation must therefore be light and giving the pistachio the water it needs at all times. That is why our sensors and humidity probes at different depths are very useful for the farmer.

More and more crops have our easy-to-use and wireless technology. Readings in real time and without lag. All controlled by the Hub / repcetor powered by solar panel. We don't need any electrical connection.

We return to pistachio on a farm in Toledo
We return to pistachio on a farm in Toledo

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