We present the new humidity sensors at Fimart 2016

We start this Plantae blog informing about the visit we make to the fair Fimart to present our project for new sensors and humidity probes for agriculture.

Goals of Plantae in Fimart

In our market and opportunities study phase, a visit to Fimart, innovation fair of the agricultural and smart rural , it seems to us a success when we come across new technologies applied to agriculture such as:

  • The use of satellite images.
  • Image recognition with drones.
  • Pluviometric installations.
  • Dissemination of the use of sensors / probes among farmers and technicians.

We observe that there is already a lot of technology applied to agriculture but all from outside.

Satellite images can make studies of plantations controlling the crop, as well as drones that can control outdoor humidity and possible pests or the state of the harvest.

Also the pluviometric stations that determine the possible rains or states of drought. The sensors and probes start to sound like something that looks like it might be interesting.

Our project is more focused on precision agriculture of the subsoil or soil where we try to assess the humidity parameters at different depths. We are also studying to be able to measure the temperature of the subsoil and the accumulated salts.

Contacts at Fimart

We speak with companies that apply technology to the agricultural sector of our project: sensors and wireless probes that measure the humidity of the subsoil at different depths.

We confirmed a fundamental hypothesis in Plantae, nobody offers the study of humidity at different depths with a wireless technology .

Also in real time, with the importance that this has for the farmer. The Hub / receiver powered by solar panel, which gives autonomy to any farm.

That fills us with enthusiasm to start this project.

In addition, our proposal is:

  • First and foremost, very economical .
  • Also scalable .
  • We also highlight that it is easy to handle for the farmer.
  • Very important, we offer personalized advice by our team of agricultural and computer technicians and engineers.

Finally, we note that this visit has served to meet several pioneering companies in the dried fruit and olive sector. All very interested in the Plantae humidity sensors / probes .

We hope that in them we will have our first clients.

We continue to work on our product!

Objective: to install humidity sensors / probes in all types of crops and terrains.

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