The magazine «Rural Life» with its citrus special from the second half of April, collects the news that Plantae offers and that we have already reported on this blog with a special article.

What is the magazine «Rural Life»?

Vida Rural is a member of Eurofarm, the most important association of agrarian magazines in Europe.

In its articles we can find:

  • The latest news from agricultural fairs such as FIMA 2020, one of the most important fairs at the agricultural level.
  • The news on research, in the last issue we can find those related to mechanization and whorls. Collect the interest of the olive grove in modernizing. Regarding the fungus of verticilosis, it is sought that factors influence the resistance of some varieties of the olive tree to this fungus.
  • Balance of seasonal productions such as fruit and vegetables.
  • Control of tomato cultivation in a greenhouse.

Sensor en frutalPlantae, entrepreneurial company of the subsoil precision agriculture

The magazine «Rural Life» echoes our products and recognizes the importance of the novelties that we incorporated in the year 2020.

One of the characteristics that stands out is the ease of installation of the entire range of Plantae products, customizable to each product, they can also be adapted with a reading frequency that allows the farmer to have a vision in time real del:

  • Irrigation of the crop.
  • Conductivity
  • The subsoil temperature.
  • Ambient temperature.
  • Flow measurement.

El caudalímetro en Vida RuralThe novelty of the flowmeter

The wireless flow meter adapts to the thickness of the hose, measures the number of liters applied to the crop, the start time of the irrigation and when it ends, in addition to the percentage of soil efficiency. The farmer can detect irrigation breakdowns.

The measurements are contrasted with the other parameters such as the measurement of the humidity of the wet bulb, the accumulated salts, the temperature and everything in real time.

All these parameters are fundamental for the control of the plantation and adapted to any type of crop.

All advised by technicians and distributors close to the client.

Plantae en "Vida Rural"