V National Stone Fruit Congress

Plantae informs all customers that on November 23, 2023, we will be at the Víctor Villegas Auditorium in Murcia, at the V National Stone Fruit Congress.

Objectives of the V National Stone Fruit Congress

The fundamental objectives of this congress are to transmit to all interested farmers detailed information on:

  • New varieties.
  • Use of phytosanitary products.
  • The most recent research and solutions in plant nutrition, post-harvest and fertigation (irrigation system that is done locally in the most active part of the plant's root system).
V congreso Nacional de Fruta de Hueso
  • Precision agriculture throughout the phenological process of the crop.
  • Plant health.
  • Organic and sustainable agriculture.
  • Valuable Connections: Interact with producers, technicians, researchers and leaders in the sector. This is the place to strengthen your network.
  • Cutting-edge topics: We will address current challenges such as climate change and innovative marketing strategies.

Colabora con el V Congreso Nacional de Fruta de Hueso, la plataforma agrícola online:


 A través de ella tenemos «la mejor herramienta para que empresas, centros de investigación, técnicos y productores conozcan las últimas novedades y avances en las diferentes temáticas del sector agrícola».

Conferences can reach a greater number of interested parties in real time.



Plantae expert in optimizing the irrigation of stone fruit

  • Our agronomic team studies the composition of the land and it is advisable that it be sandy loam.
  • The Meteo station can analyze the climate, it should be temperate and humid, except for the months of July and August when the ripening process requires high temperatures and a dry environment.
  • Humidity control with sensors guarantees efficient irrigation and avoids water stress that is essential in fruit setting.
  • Drip irrigation anchored to the ground and with drippers at a distance of one meter from the tree trunk favors it.
  • We install the humidity, conductivity and root temperature sensors at the depth of the wet bulb.
  • We also have a sector flowmeter, adapted to all types of hoses, which controls the amount of irrigation water and communicates possible breakdowns in the supply.

All of this means that the stone fruit tree does not suffer throughout its production process and we obtain a quality harvest.

Do not hesitate to consult our technical team

Plantae en V Congreso Nacional de Fruta de Hueso
Plantae at V National Stone Fruit Congress.1-Flow meter. 2-Soil humidity, conductivity and temperature probes. 3-Meteo Station. 4-Irrigation graph.




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