Utilities and creation of alerts Plantae

The monitoring of our crops has multiple uses and interpretations, but, if we do not access the data at the right time, we can arrive late in the face of the different events that occur in the field.
For this reason, we have available our system of Plantae alerts, thanks to which we will receive a notification via email or SMS with any event that our probes and sensors can measure.

Here are several examples:

  • We can generate an alert every time a humidity sensor exceeds a certain threshold, and thus know the exact moment in which the soil has an ideal humidity to carry out some work.
  • On the contrary, we can generate a low humidity alert and thus know exactly when we should start irrigation.
  • Regarding the flow meter, it is very useful to know with a simple SMS or email that the irrigations that we have programmed are being fulfilled without surprises, and in the event of any problem, to be able to act as quickly as possible.
  • In short, we can create alerts for humidity, temperature, conductivity, irrigation, rainfall, etc.


1. From the initial screen of your Manager Plantae account, click on its name, located in the upper right corner.
Plant Alerts
Plant Alerts

2. Next, in the drop-down, click on "Alerts" and on the following screen, on:Crear alerta
Alertas plantae
3. The first step will be to select the sensor on which we want to create the alert and the probe on which said alert will be applied.
Alert sensor
Alert sensor
4. Next, we will fill in the alert generation conditions, as in the example shown in the image.
Conditions for generating alert Plantae
Conditions for generating alert Plantae
5. El último paso será añadir el medio de recepción de la alerta: SMS, email o ambos. Además, pondremos un nombre descriptivo a la alerta. (Ej.: Alerta de alta humedad).
Para terminar, clicamos sobre “Finalizar”.
Means of receiving the alert
Means of receiving the alert
6. If you make a mistake or your alert needs have changed, don't worry:

You can deactivate it when you no longer need it!



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