Moisture chart to view on Plantae Online

Before entering 2018 where multiple sensors are expected in more crops and regions of Spain, we make a last update of our Online Plantae Panel accessible from:


Our clients will have:

  • Resumen gráfico del estado de los sensores de humedad según:
    • Punto de Marchitez.
    • Capacidad de Campo.
    • Zona óptima de humedad.
  • Access to data in real time and visualization by zone, sensor / probe, as well as the desired time period.
  • Configuration and display of alerts for low and high humidity, low and high temperature (according to AEMET data), precipitation forecast (AEMET data).
  • Creation and customization of automatic reports so that the client can see the farm data weekly.
Panel online
Panel online

Plantae objectives

We will continue to update and improve the system to give our clients the best benefits and access to all the information.

In this year that begins, we will advance in our project, we will investigate new sensors with more measurements and we will try to delve into helping the farmer to modernize controlled irrigation with soil humidity and temperature sensors, with increasingly frequent measurements and in all kinds of crops.

Sensores en cítricos que puedes controlar con tu panel Plantae Online
Citrus moisture sensors that you can control with your Plantae Online panel

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