Transfiere-European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation in Malaga

Plantae visits the Malaga fair "Transfiere, European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation" on April 14 and 15 of 2021, in the Palace of fairs and congresses, with the aim of seeing the latest developments in technology.

What is Transfiere?

It is the most important technology forum R + D + I in southern Europe to share the latest scientific and technological knowledge with all attendees and also promote innovation by connecting science with companies.

Objectives of Transfiere

  • In the first place, bring together relevant public and private agents in research and knowledge transfer.
  • Furthermore, it is a key professional and multisectoral forum for the transfer of knowledge, improving competitiveness in the business sector and generating business and networking opportunities (networks).
  • It also allows visitors to establish new B2B contacts with the function of creating a brand image and fostering personal contacts , networking and finding partners, establishing strategic alliances and synergies.
  • And finally, to publicize new products, services and innovative projects.

Panel Program thematic and conferences of Transfiere


  • First: opportunities for internationalization.
  • Second: artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Third: digital transformation and industry 4.0.
  • Fourth. research and open innovation.
  • Fifth: public procurement of innovation and much more.

Science Room

Knowledge transfer : success stories and lessons learned; and research and innovation in health, protagonists of this space.

Innovation Room

Disruptive technologies, R + D + i in the business field and funds for reactivation, central axes of this space.

Technology Room

New financing opportunities and their interlocutors, as well as new trends in digitization, topics to be dealt with in this area.

Open Innovation Area

Specific space for startups, spinoffs and research groups. With entrepreneurship and open innovation as protagonists, it hosts presentations of success stories, investor rounds and workshops.

Demo Center – TRL7

Space in which leading prototypes from research groups, technology centers, private entities and startups are made known . In addition, it includes an area for the presentation of the prototypes in Elevator Pitch format.

Other Transfiere activities

  • Open call for emerging technology and deep science companies. Coordinated by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) , national and international start-ups with deep tech projects have the opportunity to increase their visibility before national and international investors who are experts in the sector.
  • Also the journalism award. The objective is to recognize the work of journalists and disseminators to publicize the technological innovation developed in Spain and internationally.
  • Planting technological challenges, seeking innovative solutions within the framework of Foro Transfiere.
  • Finally, it offers activities organized by companies and entities during the celebration of Transfiere.


Follow intensive and super intensive olive tree irrigation by mobile
Follow intensive and super intensive olive tree irrigation by mobile

Plantae interested in Transfiere

We are an enterprising company that uses high wireless technology applied to precision agriculture and professional gardening.

Our goal is to find partners and contacts with related sectors, learn and share technological experiences, we are committed to innovation and the improvement of the environment.

We want to participate in the challenges of the future in agri-food and in agriculture 4.0 .

Plantae scheme
Plantae technology-precision agriculture-Diagram of connection and communication between the sensors and the online platform

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