Training in vineyard irrigation systems-Water needs

Plantae participates in the conference organized by PTV (Wine Technology Platform) on 18 June from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., on "Training in vineyard irrigation systems".

Representatives of Integral Management of Vineyards and Wineries also collaborate(GIVITI), la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) y  Regaber.

Objectives of the conference on irrigation in vineyards

The Community of Madrid with the project SISVITIMAD wants to promote the innovation system in the wine sector with the training course: «Determination of the water needs of vineyards in the Community of Madrid and quantification and management of irrigation”.

The course will be face-to-face and free and will take place at CEIGRAM-UPM (Paseo de la Senda del Rey, 13. Madrid).

The objectives are:

  • Contribute to the creation of a Madrid wine cluster (Group of interrelated companies that work in the same industrial sector and that strategically collaborate to obtain common benefits), with the aim of strengthening the R & D & I system.
  • Value the differential characteristics of the wines of the Community of Madrid.
  • Obtain financing.
  • Training and dissemination.
  • Participation in networks.

Plantae participation in the vineyard irrigation course

Our vineyard irrigation project is fully experienced with various items that we have published and where the forms of irrigation and the advantages of controlling it with humidity sensors and conductivity.

They adapt to:

  • The climatology of the area.
  • To the type of terrain.
  • To the type of vineyard with faster or later growth
  • To the different grape varieties that may require earlier or later watering.

The control of irrigation in the vineyard, makes the crop develop in the most optimal way and the production increases in quality and quantity. All this combined with saving water and energy.

Real-time control makes decision making adapted to the demands of the crop.

Benefits of controlling the water needs of the vineyard

The current climate increases the water deficit of the vineyards in the Community of Madrid, being very necessary a controlled irrigation to get good harvests.

For this, the winegrower must take into account:

  1. The elements of the irrigation system and its maintenance.
  2. Quantify the water needs in a typical vineyard in the Community of Madrid .
  3. Determine the amount of water necessary to provide by irrigation.
  4. Decide on irrigation management when the water supply is limited.
  5. Know the hydric state of the vineyard.

All these measurements can be taken on the mobile or tablet with the Plantae technology of sensors / probes of humidity, conductivity and temperature.

In addition to advice on all measurements made.

Madrid wines

Madrid is the only capital in the world that gives its name to wines with a designation of origin. The production subzones are:

  • San Martín.
  • Navalcarnero.
  • Arganda.
Madrid wines
Madrid wines




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