We have dedicated many articles to the cultivation of pistachios and almonds, but given the demands for information on the type of ideal terrain for cultivation, especially in those areas that have climatic conditions, we will develop this topic with more detail.

Ideal terrain type for pistachio

Choosing the ideal terrain to install a pistachio plantation is one of the most important decisions for the success of our plantation.

We must take into account several factors:

  • Orientation : it especially influences late spring frosts and this is one of the factors that most determines the harvest. On surfaces with slings a south orientation is convenient. It also influences the placement of male pistachios that must protect the north and southwest areas.
  • Flat surfaces: favor less runoff and the use of machinery.
  • Depth : the tree develops best in deep soils because the availability of organic matter and water is greater.
  • Texture : it must be sandy loam. The silty soils do not suit you because they cause puddles and the sandy lack of moisture. Pistachio is well adapted to dry seasons and needs cold hours for winter lethargy, but at the time of flowering it needs humidity and in the ripening hours of sunshine.
  • Good drainage: aerated soil with mineral availability.Terreno idóneo para pistacho

Tillage of the soil

Before proceeding to plant the pistachios we must practice a deep subsoiler pass to aerate the soil.

The soil must be at least one meter deep. Contain enough organic materials to favor the grip of the plant.

The orderly plantation, with rows separated by at least six meters.

Pistachos con riego controlado
Pistachios with humidity sensors and flow meter
Plantación con hub controlando plantación de pistachos
Plantation with hub controlling pistachio plantation

Tipo de terreno idóneo para almendros

The choice of the ideal terrain to install an almond plantation and the climate of the area are the most important factors that determine the success of the plantation.

Terreno idóneo para cultivo de almendro

Plantación superintensiva de almendros
Super intensive almond plantation with sensors and flow meter


Plantación superintensiva de almendros
Super intensive almond plantation

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