Plantae technology reaches 700 meters-Cordless probes

At last we can say that the experimentation phase of the new LORA communication Plantae technology implemented in our sensors and hub is over.

Plantae Technology : the first sensors have already been installed in some of our clients' farms and throughout this month we will continue to replicate these devices in various scenarios and topographies, reaching in all cases the 700 meters of communication distance between sensor and receiver (hub).

What is LoRa technology?

LoRa is a type of modulation in radio frequency that allows us to make measurements in areas with little coverage at distances of up to 1 kilometer.

While sensors based on 868 radio frequency technology reach a distance of 40 - 50 meters, LoRa sensors are capable of reaching distances of up to 1 km in a very favorable case.

How does this technology improve Plantae sensors?

As we usually point out in this blog, one of the most important benefits of Plantae technology is the wireless component. This allows data to be obtained in real time without hindering tillage and other day-to-day tasks.

Until now, the limitations of 868 technology made it necessary to install different hubs to cover large surfaces. Thanks to this new advance, many clients with extensions greater than 50ha have requested our technology again.

The great advantage is summarized in the fact that there is a single hub / receiver placed at a specific point on the farm.

The rest of the installation is only based on defining the measurement areas based on:

  • First the type of soil.
  • Second the type of crop.
  • Third the topography.
  • Also the irrigation sector.
  • Finally, install our new soil humidity and temperature sensors.

Does this upgrade make Plantae technology more expensive?

  • A soil humidity and temperature sensor will cost € 39 / unit.
  • We have managed to adjust prices so that an installation of gprs hub and solar panel + 4 humidity sensors together with the Initial Online Plantae Panel continues to cost our customers less than € 800.

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Probes in vine-Espaldera in the province of Ciudad Real
Plantae- LoRa Technology

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