Probes in optimized irrigation-Pistachio in Murcia

On this occasion and taking advantage of other visits, we went to the area of ​​Cehegín (Murcia) to visit a recent UCB1 pistachio plantation by Pistachios del Sol and Pistachios Spain. An excellent farm with sandy loam soil in an area surrounded by mountains and fruit trees. We hope to install our sensors in 2018 and thus optimize the use of water in your drip irrigation!

Pistachio in Murcia

The pistachio needs a localized, abundant and frequent watering. An abundant and distanced watering does not suit him.

In this way we avoid waterlogging the tree and we get higher production and better quality.

It also needs a sandy loam soil in this case surrounded by forest and fruit trees. We hope to install sensors in 2018 and thus optimize the use of water in your drip irrigation!

Pistachio watering seasons 

Three eras are distinguished:

  • From the moment it has the flower and until the fruit is large, irrigation must be abundant.
  • When the shell is hard, the watering should be medium.
  • Once ripe and until the watering is collected, it becomes abundant and frequent again.

Therefore, the sensor control makes it possible to regulate this to perfection and thus achieve optimum results in the harvest.

Murcia is an ideal area for pistachio

It has all the necessary requirements for its cultivation

  • A minimum number of hours of cold, which influence the winter rest, its subsequent flowering and fertilization and that the production is late cycle.
  • A medium-high temperature favors the pistachio being higher in the months of April, May, June, July, August and September. This makes the production and maturation take place in a homogeneous way.
  • The months of March, April and May do not usually have late frosts.
  • Humidity influences the appearance of fungi and other diseases that affect the tree, therefore it is not advisable to plant in coastal areas. It is better towards the interior of Murcia.
Pistachio in Murcia
Pistachio with optimized irrigation irrigation in Murcia

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