Phenology is one of the parts of science that most influences plant changes by relating the climate to its changes.
Importance of controlled irrigation with wireless sensors in avocado in Spain. We will measure humidity, conductivity and temperature.
Blueberries in Spain are increasing their production more and more and are conquering the area
Plantae collaborates with the talk on "Monitoring of humidity and fertilization" organized by Agromarketing in Campo de Cartagena.
Irrigation controlled with agricultural sensors / probes in olive trees in Spain is what most influences the quality and quantity of the olive.
Plantae takes another step forward in its quest to research and improve precision agriculture with sensors that measure relative humidity and ambient temperature.
Bonsai is the new crop that yields to the advantages of irrigation controlled by Plantae sensors. This time we installed our sensors in a nursery.
One of the latest crops that is interesting to farmers is the cork oak in Spain. The second country in production worldwide.