La empresa de sondas agrícolas Plantae, tiene el honor de participar en la edición de Madrid Platform 2022 que organiza en el ÁGORA
Walnut in Spain with irrigation controlled by humidity and temperature sensors / probes. Varieties and care that favor its production.
In our eagerness to expand our company, we reached out with our agricultural sensors in Italy to trellised vineyards and olive trees.
The tiger nut is a herbaceous plant that produces an edible tuber. Its intensive plantations rely on probe-controlled irrigation.
We reached 10,000 sensors installed between the Peninsula and the islands thanks to our extensive network of distributors and Plantae customers. THANK YOU!
The irrigation with probes in herbaceous makes that the farmer achieve the best quality and more production with a control of the crop in real time
Including all the improvements of the previous version, the Plantae Manager Web changes its appearance and incorporates improvements to visualize the data of our new sensors and make the management of your crops easier.