El control del riego con sondas en remolacha en tiempo real es la mejor técnica para conseguir calidad y cantidad además de ahorro de agua.
Seguimos avanzando en nuestro rango de cultivos controlados, riego con sondas en patatas, un tipo de tubérculo consumido a nivel mundial.
Walnut in Spain with irrigation controlled by humidity and temperature sensors / probes. Varieties and care that favor its production.
The olive trees in Spain increasingly with wireless sensors / probes of humidity, conductivity and temperature in the irrigation of the olive tree.
The irrigation with probes in herbaceous makes that the farmer achieve the best quality and more production with a control of the crop in real time
Precision agriculture has the challenge of improving food quantity and quality, to avoid invisible hunger worldwide.
The challenge of precision agriculture and nutrition, including livestock, is to produce quality food worldwide.
The PLANTAE APP Manager is the necessary tool for the optimization and efficient management of irrigation.
Probes and sensors in crops to control the humidity, temperature and salinity of the subsoil regardless of the type of terrain.
Control with hydroponic irrigation probes. We measure humidity, conductivity and temperature in real time controlled by mobile or tablet.