We have dedicated many articles to the cultivation of pistachios and almonds, but given the demands for information on the type of soil suitable for cultivation, especially in areas that have climatic conditions, we are going to develop this topic in more detail.
Pollination in pistachio, the characteristics of its flowers and its influence on the fruit. weather incidences in this process.
More and more people are betting on pistachio plantations with sensors. This time we visited a pistachio plantation in Ávila.
The Community of Castilla la Mancha is increasing its production of pistachio and that is why we are going to dedicate this article to its cultivation.
Of all the crops that use plantae technology the most, today we are going to highlight pistachios.
Since they account for 30% of our customers, we wanted to develop a new article to break down the benefits of nuts, particularly pistachios, almonds and walnuts.
On this occasion and taking advantage of other visits, we went to the area of ​​Cehegín (Murcia) to visit a recent UCB1 pistachio plantation by Pistachios del Sol and Pistachios Spain. An excellent farm with sandy loam soil in an area surrounded by mountains and fruit trees. We hope to install our sensors in 2018 and thus optimize the use of water in your drip irrigation!
We installed 50 sensors in pistachio on a farm in Toledo to control all irrigation sectors and thus optimize the amount of water.