Plantae in Expoliva 2021, interested in dolivar control, to improve the quality of olives and extra virgin olive oil.
Irrigation controlled with agricultural sensors / probes in olive trees in Spain is what most influences the quality and quantity of the olive.
We take a tour of this community to appreciate the olive trees of Andalusia, their care, varieties and their designations of origin.
Plantae investigates the growth process of plants in our quest to improve the quality and production of crops with controlled irrigation with our humidity and temperature sensors.
The olive tree in Portugal is controlled by our humidity and temperature sensors. Tourist routes of interest for its wines and landscapes.
We expanded our Plantae sensor facilities to olive trees in Alentejo, Portugal. Intensive and super-intensive crops.
PROBES in olive and almond groves in Córdoba and Huelva to optimize irrigation and improve the quality and quantity of crops.