El primer Bootcamp de UCAM HiTech convoca a veinte startups entre las que se encuentra Plantae, buscando inversores y expansión.
Resumen del Plan de Inspección de Explotaciones Agrarias y ECARM Ley Mar Menor celebrado el pasado 2/12/21 en el CIFEA de Torre Pacheco.
The evolution of agriculture in Murcia of fruits and vegetables. Statistics from 2014 to 2020. Appellations of origin.
Campoés distributor of humidity probes as our partner in the Murcia region, as well as advisor in fertilizers and phytosanitary products.
Probes in irrigation to control the humidity, temperature and conductivity of the stone fruit. Improve quality and quantity. Murcia.
TV7 Murcia in its program "Diario de Campo" echoes the modernization of a pepper greenhouse with irrigation probes.
One of the communities that is applying our Plantae sensor technology the most in its precision irrigation is Murcia.
The Jumilla wine zone is a set of valleys surrounded by mountains facing the sun that influence the quality and the grape.
The artichoke from Murcia is the Blanca de Tudela variety. Its irrigation controlled by humidity sensors is essential for its development.
Plantae is presenting its Humidity sensors at the Cooperativa La Vega de Pliego in Murcia with the "smart water saving" project.