The controlled irrigation of bonsai results in water savings that we are going to try to develop with the contribution of Hatoen. Circular agriculture.
We visited the Torres Vedras greenhouses north of Lisbon, with strawberry, onion, lettuce and tomato.
We are going to dedicate this article to hydroponic cultivation with rock wool and the importance of controlling it by Plantae humidity sensors.
The regions of Murcia and Andalusia continue to bet on the intelligent saving of water with our sensors in peppers.
“Humidity sensors in a greenhouse in Madrid with a gerbera flower (Gerbera jamenos), an ornamental plant for cut flowers and gardens.
Agriculture in Huelva. Sensors in strawberry and red fruit greenhouses. Irrigation control is essential for its production.
We monitor the humidity and optimize the amount of water in the pink Barbastro tomato between the final product and water consumption.