The best mechanized or pressurized irrigation is surface or buried drip irrigation, especially in intensive and super-intensive crops.
Plantae collaborates with the talk on "Monitoring of humidity and fertilization" organized by Agromarketing in Campo de Cartagena.
Plantae takes another step forward in its quest to research and improve precision agriculture with sensors that measure relative humidity and ambient temperature.
The agriculture of the province of Lleida stands out for its stone fruit and pears with the designation of origin "Peras de Lleida".
Optimizing irrigation is the fundamental objective of Plantae. Sensors to optimize water and conductivity, measuring at different depths, are adapted to all types of crops.
We have dedicated many articles to the cultivation of pistachios and almonds, but given the demands for information on the type of soil suitable for cultivation, especially in areas that have climatic conditions, we are going to develop this topic in more detail.
The humidity, temperature and conductivity sensors / probes control the irrigation of avocado plantations in Spain.
South Summit 2019, la referencia de la innovación, con presencia de Plantae. De nuevo con un stand en uno de los encuentros más importantes para innovadores y emprendedores.
Deficit irrigation is a strategy that consists of optimizing water taking into account the needs of the plant. When the crop is in a phase sensitive to drought, it will be watered but outside this period, irrigation will be limited or, depending on the case, unnecessary.
Grupo Durán-Stone fruits, citrus and tropical fruits such as mango or papaya controlled by Plantae humidity sensors / probes