The intensive stone fruit plantations in the province of Murcia rely on Plantae technology for their irrigation and salinity control.
Probes in irrigation to control the humidity, temperature and conductivity of the stone fruit. Improve quality and quantity. Murcia.
Our humidity sensors go international, they conquered the south of Portugal and now the north of Algeria.
Presentation at the III Congress of Stone Fruit in Murcia. Make the farmer see that new technologies have reached agriculture.
Plantae technology in stone fruits from MURCIA, intelligent water saving in peach, Paraguayan, nectarine, apricot and plum.
Plantae has the honor of participating in the Xtrema Fruit fair, with a presentation on PRECISION AGRICULTURE FOR OPTIMIZE IRRIGATION AND SAVE WATER in stone fruit, by the hand of Samuel López.
"Diario del Campo" of Murcia TV7 includes Plantae in a "report" -Humidity sensors / probes for irrigation recorded in Frutas Durán