Types of olive oil. Factors that influence the quality of the olive and the oil. Elaboration process.
France is a rainy country in winter, but with droughts in summer in ...
Copernicus Accelerator is a platform that offers support and advice to innovative companies to turn them into an impactful solution.
This week we collected this information: "In the province of Huelva, noted for its agricultural character and leading in some productions, the University degree in Agricultural Engineering is the second most requested in the region." Is this trend spreading to the rest of Spain?
Since they account for 30% of our customers, we wanted to develop a new article to break down the benefits of nuts, particularly pistachios, almonds and walnuts.
Desert and fertile land are increasingly related concepts and techniques that complement them can be applied.
Xylella fastidiosa is a phytopathogenic bacterium that attacks crops. Mainly the olive tree, the vine and the almond tree.
Given the problem of reservoirs, we now include some hydrographic reports on a national scale and from some autonomous communities