Today urban gardens are in fashion and Plantae starts the irrigation controlled by sensors one of Horts del Pla in the province of Girona.
Los calçots son brotes de cebollas blancas dulces replantadas. Los hijuelos calzados dan lugar a su nombre. Control del riego, fundamental.
Plantae places sensors on a new crop, asparagus, a product grown in many areas and of which Spain is the fourth largest producing country in the world.
The agriculture of the province of Lleida stands out for its stone fruit and pears with the designation of origin "Peras de Lleida".
France is a rainy country in winter, but with droughts in summer in ...
The peach in Spain and its variety the nectarine come from the tree of the Rosaceae family. Plantae install sensors in your crops.
The almond trees in the Balearic Islands highlighting: "Almendra de Mallorca", "Almendra Mallorquina", "Ametlla de Mallorca" and "Ametlla Mallorquina.>
Differences between the traditional, intensive and superintensive olive tree. Advantages and disadvantages. Irrigation and humidity control needs.
Plantae technology in stone fruits from MURCIA, intelligent water saving in peach, Paraguayan, nectarine, apricot and plum.