We have dedicated many articles to the cultivation of pistachios and almonds, but given the demands for information on the type of soil suitable for cultivation, especially in areas that have climatic conditions, we are going to develop this topic in more detail.
The cultivation of the super-intensive almond tree in Spain is one of the new plantations that we visit to place the Plantae sensors.
The almond trees in the Balearic Islands highlighting: "Almendra de Mallorca", "Almendra Mallorquina", "Ametlla de Mallorca" and "Ametlla Mallorquina.>
PROBES in olive and almond groves in Córdoba and Huelva to optimize irrigation and improve the quality and quantity of crops.
The almond tree in Spain improves its quality with irrigation controlled by humidity, temperature and conductivity sensors / probes.
Since they account for 30% of our customers, we wanted to develop a new article to break down the benefits of nuts, particularly pistachios, almonds and walnuts.