Slurry and manure is the ideal solution to fertilize crops, given the current shortage of nitrogenous fertilizers.
The purpose of the bioeconomy is to find a economic and sustainable model in the social and environmental sphere that anticipates the needs of the population in the short and long term.
Outdoor temperature sensors and their effect on agriculture. Plantae advances in new technologies on crop phenology.
It is an honor to inform that ACTIVA PROYECTOS TECH, S.L. PLANTAE obtains the EIBT seal that endorses its innovative and technological talent.
Irrigation is a topic that we deal with in several articles and today we begin the "Types of surface irrigation" with irrigation by laying or flooding.
We have dedicated many articles to the cultivation of pistachios and almonds, but given the demands for information on the type of soil suitable for cultivation, especially in areas that have climatic conditions, we are going to develop this topic in more detail.
Precision Agriculture is the application of new technologies, SENSORS / PROBES, evaluating the type of terrain, climate and cultivation.
The company teaches a course of maximum interest to farmers and all professionals in the forest environment on February 28, 29 and March 1, 2020 in Ciudad Real.
Plantae investigates the growth process of plants in our quest to improve the quality and production of crops with controlled irrigation with our humidity and temperature sensors.
As every year we summarize the agriculture, machinery and technology fairs related to the sector this first quarter of 2020. In some, Plantae will be with a stand, conference or as a visitor.