El sector agrícola está preocupado por la gestión de los contratos que plantea la reforma laboral del Real Decreto-ley 5/2022.
La política agrícola común (PAC) es una asociación europea entre la agricultura y sus agricultores. Desde marzo del 2022 se pueden cultivar las zonas de barbecho por la falta de producción de Ucrania.
Agricultura 4.0, organizadas por el COITAV. "Sensores para agricultura de precisión", el miércoles 26 de enero a las 17 h.
The atmosphere in the soil is of utmost importance for oxidation processes. Tillage and plant cover are essential.
Types of agricultural soils, composition, structure, porosity, retention capacity, permeability, salinity and atmosphere.
Plantae is selected among 10 companies out of 400 candidates for the EIT Food 2021 program with days of regenerative, sustainable and healthy agriculture.
The challenge of precision agriculture and nutrition, including livestock, is to produce quality food worldwide.
Sprinkler irrigation is a mechanized or pressurized irrigation method, since it requires mechanisms that generate pressure to move the water.
The Agrarian Census 2020 is carried out by the National Institute of Statistics every 10 years, with information on the structure of the agricultural sector.
Deciding whether to water nighttime or daytime watering depends on important factors and directly influences the good production of a crop.