Circular agriculture is the key to the bioeconomy that we already discussed in another article. The circular balance must be economic, social and environmental.
Resumen del Plan de Inspección de Explotaciones Agrarias y ECARM Ley Mar Menor celebrado el pasado 2/12/21 en el CIFEA de Torre Pacheco.
The purpose of the bioeconomy is to find a economic and sustainable model in the social and environmental sphere that anticipates the needs of the population in the short and long term.
The controlled irrigation of bonsai results in water savings that we are going to try to develop with the contribution of Hatoen. Circular agriculture.
Expofare 2021, from October 28 to 30, is the irrigation fair of the Guadalquivir valley and Plantae has a special interest in presenting its technology. Water is a scarce good that we must optimize.
Plantae is selected among 10 companies out of 400 candidates for the EIT Food 2021 program with days of regenerative, sustainable and healthy agriculture.
We reached 10,000 sensors installed between the Peninsula and the islands thanks to our extensive network of distributors and Plantae customers. THANK YOU!
Precision agriculture has the challenge of improving food quantity and quality, to avoid invisible hunger worldwide.