Pink tomato in Barbastro with humidity sensors / probes

months ago we installed 11 sensors in an experimental field with pink tomato in Barbastro in the province of (Huesca).

Controlled irrigation test with moisture sensors in Pink tomato in Barbastro

The tests have ended with excellent results, as it has been possible to confirm based on the harvest obtained which type of tomato was the most suitable in addition to the irrigation to apply.

Thanks to the Plantae humidity sensors we get:

  • Monitor irrigation, that is, have it measured and controlled in real time.
  • Regulated subsoil humidity.
  • Optimized the amount of water deposited to find the most optimal relationship between final product and water consumption.

Irrigation care in pink tomato

Riego con sensores en tomate rosa de Barbastro
Irrigation with sensors in pink tomato from Barbastro. 1-sprinkler irrigation water. 2-Water filtration. 3-Wet bulb. 4-Root system. 5-Humidity sensor / probe. 6-wash fraction. 7-Evaporation of the water from the soil. 8 Perspiration.

Tomato is one of the most delicate crops. Needs:

  • A daily and controlled irrigation.
  • The earth moist but not puddled.
  • Constant humidity.
  • The pink tomato in particular needs much more care than other varieties.

Water balance test in pink tomato

The experiment will be carried out by those in charge of the cultivation and will make a detailed study of the agricultural water balance in the pink tomato in Barbastro. In the near future they will give us the results obtaine

It is about making a relationship between the different contributions of water and the losses of water suffered by perspiration into the atmosphere. At the same time, control the water consumed by the crop and assess the evaporation of the land.

The cultivation is in a tunnel-type greenhouse with drip irrigation.

The fundamental objective is to improve quality, increase production and above all optimize water and energy, which in turn has an impact on profits.

The water balance of the soil in the pink tomato of Barbastro
Barbastro pink tomato with humidity sensors / probe

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