Probes and other technologies for water saving, crop control and resource optimization

A challenge of this century is undoubtedly to optimize resources and for this Plantae offers the conference “Probes and other technologies for saving water, crop control and optimization of resources”, the “15 December in a day of technical presentations at the Don Benito Feval Auditorium (Extremadura)”.

III National Forum XtremaFruit

It is an honor, once again, to participate in the III XtremaFruit National Forum, which brings together important companies from the stone fruit sector in Spain, sharing news on:

  • Varieties of stone fruit.
  • Plant health.
  • Postharvest process.
  • Precision farming.
  • Fertigation.

Probes for saving water in stone fruit

Our experience in irrigating stone fruit is extensive and covers all varieties and all production areas in Spain.

Stone fruit requires special care:

  • Temperate and humid climate.
  • Controlled and abundant irrigation in the fruit set.
  • We measure the temperature of the soil to avoid diseases in the root system.
  • We avoid water stress, which greatly harms the fruit.
  • The humidity that the plant requires avoids excess irrigation that would lead to an accumulation of salts and the risk of altering the phenology of the tree.
Esquema de riego con sondas y pluviómetro
1-Rain water. 2-Absorption of the ground. 3-Drip irrigation. 4-Transpiration of the plant. 5-Soil temperature and conductivity sensor. 6-Humidity probe. 7-Evaporation. 8-Root system. 9-Wet bulb. 10-Depths of the probes. 11-Soil phration. 12-Weather station and outdoor temperature sensor.

Plantae Technology 

Our company offers probes for saving water, and for the control of all the parameters that we must optimize in the cultivation of stone fruit.

The most important thing is to optimize water and energy, to obtain maximum production and quality fruit. The tree has to have control of more parameters.

Irrigation control
Example of Plantae application in a stone fruit farm.
  1. The yellow bar graph and yellow shading correspond to the rainfall data obtained with the rain gauge.
  2. The purple bars correspond to each of the irrigations, measured with the flowmeter.
  3. The blue and black graphs are the data on the percentage of soil moisture, altered by rain and irrigation.
  4. In the image on the right there is a flowmeter adapted to the irrigation pipe and the sensors for humidity, conductivity and soil temperature.

The effect of the sensors is to help the farmer achieve stability in humidity, reducing irrigation water, without the plant suffering from water stress.

Feria XtremaFruit

A public success in this edition of XtremaFruit, where in addition to the conference we were able to share information with the existing ones from our stand.

También es entrevistado nuestro CEO por el canal de Extremadura de televisión, interesándose por nuestra tecnología.



Plantae at Don Benito-fair 2020

Premio a Plantae
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