Humidity probes from the Agro-environmental Operator course - Murcia

Plantae participa el 2 de marzo en dos nuevas promociones de operadores sobre «sondas de humedad» del curso de «operador agroambiental» en la Región de Murcia, siguiendo las pautas de la Ley del Mar Menor.

The agri-environmental operator

Since the figure of the «agro-environmental operator» was articulated as an essential element in agriculture in the Region of Murcia, Plantae has already participated in the training of 4 editions of the course for the training of agroenvironmental operators, organized by the SFTT (Training and Transfer Service Technology) of the Autonomous Community Region of Murcia (CARM), at the CIFEA in Torre Pacheco.

El próximo día 2 de marzo se impartirán dos ediciones más, en las que se mantendrá el formato semipresencial:

  • The theoretical part is in video format accessible from the SFTT online training platform.
  • The practical part is taught in person by our agronomic director Emilio Rodríguez.

In previous editions the explanations of our technicians were very interesting.

Humidity probes

The Plantae®Sonda They measure soil moisture regardless of its composition, at different depths adapted to the root system of the crop and automatically.

They do not need cables or complicated installations and their use is focused on optimizing irrigation and saving water.

Knowing the humidity you can adjust:

  • Irrigation cycles.
  • The amount of water the crop needs.
  • The frequency of irrigation.
  • The duration depends on the needs of the crop.

In this way, the crop is provided with the water it needs within the zone of Water Easily Assimilated by the plant (AFA).


If you want to find out about future editions of the «agro-environmental operator coursel», as well as other training actions of the SFTT, consult the link SFTT .





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