Drip Irrigation Sensors

Moisture, conductivity and temperature sensor

The Plantae®Sonda automatically measure soil moisture at different depths, conductivity tendency and surface/subsoil temperature without the need for cables or complicated installations, with a focus on irrigation optimization and water saving.

  • Knowing the humidity will allow you to be able to adjust irrigation cycles, quantity, frequency and duration, to provide the crop with the water it needs.
  • The conductivity reading allows maintain salinity levels below harmful thresholds for plants.
  • The surface temperature helps take measures against frost and other applications.
  • Subsoil temperature (up to 60cm depth) reflects the state of root activity of the crop and improves the application of fertilizers and treatments.
Probes in greenhouses in Portugal


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The Sensors Plantae®Sonda are customizable in depth of measurement (up to 1 meter) and reading frequency (from 2 minutes to 1 hour per reading). The probes can be installed both on the surface and buried according to the client's preferences and irrigation characteristics.

Furthermore, the sensors Plantae®Sonda are configured with agronomic algorithms depending on the type of soil in which they are installed and its conductivity level.

the casing of the probe has an IP65 certification, resistant to water and other chemical elements, thus allowing the sensors of Plantae®Sonda will be perfectly compatible with the application of irrigation and other phytosanitary products.

Technical Information of Sensors for drip irrigation

  • Power source: 3 AA batteries
  • Reading frequency adjustable to irrigation cycle and/or crop type (from 2 minutes to 1 hour)
    Battery life: 2 years with readings every hour
  • Data transmission: via LoRa radio frequency with a range of up to 700 m from the Hub/Receptor
  • Case with IP65 certification that includes protection against humidity and high temperatures
  • Anticorrosive stainless steel rods adjustable to measure at different depths
  • Conductive tendency reading (+/- 0,5 dS)
    Superficial temperature and subsoil temperature reading precision +/- 1ºC

Some real examples