We exceed 10,000 agricultural sensors / probe

If in January 2017, when we received the first order for 100 agricultural humidity sensors-probes, they told us that in less than 5 years we were going to reach 10,000 units, we probably would have taken it as a joke.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU. To everyone and each one of the members of this project from beginning to end: first testers, research centers and universities, clients who trusted us when radio frequency barely reached the 40 meters between and each and every one of the clients and distributors that have made this project great. Without forgetting the great team of professionals behind Plantae who, with their commitment and talent, drive the company every day.

Five intense years that have convinced all kinds of farmers and garden professionals, with family or intensive plantations that to improve the quality and quantity of the product it was necessary to modernize.

Upcoming news of agricultural sensors-probe

171 / 5000 Resultados de traducción Along with the continuous work of continuing to grow in crops, locations, clients and distributors, Plantae works to continue improving the technology and web / app platform.

In January we will launch new test devices as a result of the work of our agricultural R&D department, with which we have been working for weeks on new devices and measurement algorithms.

We also take the opportunity to invite you to visit our stand at the Smart AgriFood fairs (Malaga) and Fruit Attraction (Madrid) where we can anticipate our future developments in person.

Some localities with the 10,000 agricultural sensors-probe

Agricultural Sensors-probe Map Plantae
Agricultural Sensors-probe Map Plantae

We list the different communities that have crops with Plantae sensors and that renew their contracts with us, given the good results they obtain in production quality and saving water and energy

Andalusia: all provinces with sensor-probe controlled irrigation

  • Córdoba in citrus from Fuente Palmera, olive trees from Cabra or Montilla and walnut trees from Calonge, among others. In addition to almond trees at different points and new areas recently expanded.
  • Huelva with facilities in strawberry greenhouses in Palos de la Frontera and Bollullos.
  • Granada has irrigation with sensors in olive trees in different locations and growing the installation in avocado.
  • Jaén in Baeza, Úbeda and Linares, with Picual olive trees in addition to other points throughout the region.
  • Málaga in various locations with olive trees and avocado.
  • Seville in the areas of Écija, Fuente del Rey and La Albaga in olive and citrus trees, just to mention a few, as it is the province that has more than 200 sensors installed in different farms.
  • Cádiz in the north.


Huesca irrigation with sensors in almond trees, alfalfa and pink tomato in

Zaragoza sensors in almond and fruit trees in Ejea de los Caballeros and other representative areas.

  • Teruel with sensors in nurseries and truffle in Sarrión

Castilla la Mancha: irrigation with sensors-probes in pistachio, olive, garlic, onion, herbaceous and vineyards

  • Albacete in herbaceous, almond and vine.
  • Ciudad Real in pistachio and Herencia and Socuéllamos vineyards, among others.
  • Cuenca with humidity sensors installed in Tarancón and Saelices.
  • Guadalajara at the Cabanillas del Campo golf course and other almond farms
  • Toledo has the implementation of humidity and temperature sensors in pistachio, olive, alfalfa, onion and vineyards in the areas of Tembleque, Los Navalmorales, Madridejos, Mora, Navalucillos, Malpica del tajo, Villasequillo, Miguel Esteban and Channel Huts.

Castilla y León increasing the installation more and more

  • Ávila in Horcajo de las Torres in potato and pistachio cultivation.
  • Valladolid , the second walnut farm in Spain.
  • Segovia , we install sensors in vegetables such as: peas and potatoes, or even in tiger nuts and corn.
  • Zamora with sensors in the northern area.


Barcelona has irrigation with sensors-probe in the botanical garden and customers with horticultural.

Gerona sensors in urban nurseries and orchards.

  • Tarragona en frutales y trufa.

Balearic Islands

  • Almond tree and greenhouse installations.

Madrid's community

  • Zarzuela Racecourse.
  • Botanical Garden.
  • Several golf and soccer courses.

Community of Murcia especially controlling irrigation with sensors-probe in a wide variety of products

Murcia is the province par excellence that bets on water control and the quality of the products, due to their commercialization at a national and international level. Irrigation with humidity sensors in all types of crops stands out.

  • Caravaca de la Cruz, Cieza, Jumilla , Lorca, Los Almagros , Molina de Segura, Moratalla, Pliego de la Vega, Puerto de Mazarrón, Santomera, Torre Pacheco and Valladolises are some of the towns that already have our technology.

Valencian Community

  • Castellón , facilities in citrus, watermelon, stone fruit.
  • Valencia , in citrus, tigernut and fruit trees.
  • Alicante , with sensors in greenhouses, fruit trees and others.


  • Badajoz , in the Don Benito area in vineyards, intensive almond and citrus trees.
  • Cáceres , with sensors in almond and cherry trees in the Jerte valley


  • Pontevedra , with sensors in CBD cultivation.

Canary Islands

  • Tenerife , in intensive banana.
  • Tenerife , in intensive banana.

The Rioja

  • Vineyards

Pais vasco

  • Vitoria , kiwi sensors.

Plantae in Portugal

  • Torres Vedras in hydroponic tomato nurseries and intensive strawberry, onion and lettuce plantations.
  • Alentejo in intensive and superintensive olive tree.
  • Odivelas in lettuce and strawberry greenhouses.
  • Säo Vicente do Pigeiro in nurseries.
  • Mourao in olive groves.
  • Säo MIguel in olive groves.


  • Médéa in the Benchicao area with sensors in vineyards and fruit trees.


  • Vatan we install sensors in truffles.




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Ahorra agua e insumos y transforma tu cultivo con tecnología avanzada subvencionada a fondo perdido con hasta con 12.000 € de Kit Digital