Back in Portugal-Solution for efficient water use

We are in Beja, Portugal , in the Alentejo area, where our CEO Samuel López will give a talk on “Solution for efficient water use”, on December 13.

Ninth Horticultural Week of Western Portugal

In an area, El Alentejo, which stands out for its olive, almond, corn and livestock farming, especially beef for meat, the presence of Plantae could not be missing in this horticultural "Terça" of Portugal, where we share the bill with our partner Horti-professional.

We have already dedicated other articles to the intensive olive tree from Alentejo, where the efficient use of irrigation water is essential, because the density of the trees intensifies the need for water and nutrients.

If the irrigation is controlled by sensors, the savings can reach up to 50%, according to what the farmers themselves tell us.

It is not about watering by eye, that was before, now we have real-time measurements that give each crop the water it needs and when it needs it.

Solución para uso eficiente del agua
Efficient use of water-Beja-Portugal

Solution for efficient use of water according to Plantae.

The Plantae sensors measure:

  • La humidity alrededor del bulbo húmedo, en diferentes profundidades y de forma automática.
  • La tendencia conductiva también a distintas profundidades.
  • La temperatura del subsuelo.

All sensors are wireless, without the need for cables or complicated installations, and focused on the efficient use of water.

  • By measuring humidity, you can adjust irrigation cycles, quantity, frequency and duration in the Easily Assimilated Water (AFA) zone.
  • The conductivity measurement helps  keep salinity levels to a minimum, always below the threshold that harms plants.
  • The soil temperature (with different depths) keeps the root system free of diseases, such as fungi, which impair nutrient absorption. The surface allows measures to be taken against frost and other applications.




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