Smart water saving in Pliego de Vega (Probes)

Plantae is installing its humidity, conductivity and temperature sensors / probes in irrigation in Murcia under the "smart water saving" project.

During 3 days 32 sensors / probes have been installed in 16 different plots, in a Community of Irrigators with more than 800 partners with the objective to smart water saving .

Crops such as olive, almond, peach, fruit ... have given rise to various facilities that serve as a reference for all members of this Community.

The farmers belong to the Cooperativa La Vega de Pliego, a company dedicated to the Handling and Production of products.

Main objectives of this cooperative:

  • First maximize the quality of your products.
  • Second comply with environmental regulations.
  • Continuously improve your competitiveness strategies.
  • Also use cutting edge technology in its facilities.

Products it sells

  • Stone fruit : apricot, peach, plum, Paraguayan.
  • Citrus: lemon and orange .
  • Dried fruits : almond .
  • Olives, Extra Virgin Oil Arbequina variety and Arbequina monovarietal Virgin olive oil.

This cooperative offers its farmers advice on crops such as fertilizer and irrigation plans, disease and pest control, plantations, etc.

How do you get smart water savings?

The cooperative together with Plantae proposes:

  • Update irrigation systems.
  • They have Plantae for monitoring parameters in real time with humidity sensors / probes and temperature, technology that is spreading exponentially throughout the Community of Murcia with our motto of smart water saving.
  • We have used radio frequency technology, with only 5 gprs hubs / receivers, data have been received from sensors with a distance of 4 kilometers between them.

In Murcia the climate is classified as local steppe. The month with the least rainfall is July. In general, the climate is dry, with an average annual temperature of around 20 degrees. This influences evaporation and therefore around 30% of farmland is irrigated.

Siendo el agua un bien escaso,  los agricultores, y en especial las cooperativas, buscan maneras de ahorrar y regular los riegos.

Albaricoque en Pliego de la Vega
The Plantae team carrying out the installation in the 16 pliego de la Vega plots
Hub en Pliego de la Vega
Hub in Pliego de la Vega controlling the «intelligent saving of water»
ahorro inteligente de agua
Humidity, conductivity and temperature sensors / probes

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