Smart Agrifood 2022 in Malaga-Activa projects SL

It is an honor for Plantae to participate in the Smart Agrifood 2022 in Malaga, with a round table talk and joint stand with more companies within the program NOVEXPORT.

Smart Agrifood 2022 Summit held on 29 and September 30 at Fycma (Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga) and King Felipe VI will be the Honorary President of the V Smart Agrifood Summit .

Smart Agrifood 2022

It is the most important agri-food fair at the national level and an international reference. You can participate in person or virtually and with the objectives of:

  • Present products.
  • Introduce innovative projects.
  • Find partners.
  • Find ways of financing at national and international level.
  • Participate in presentations and projects.

Smart Agrifood 2022 Challenges

It is estimated that by 2050 the amount of food should increase by 70%, which implies a significant increase in production, while we face climate change. In addition, we must implement the circular economy and the reduction of waste.

All this will be addressed in a round table with two topics:


12:00- 13:00 h 

Room_ MAIN FORUM (Forum1)

Presentation of the I+D+I Challenge «The Primary Sector and the Circular Economy for a hyperpopulated world»

Round tables and colloquium moderated by Beatriz Aznar, an expert journalist in innovation from Disruptores + Innovadores, who publishes in El Español.

Introduce the session: Beatriz Rosique, head of External Promotion Research and Transfer UC3M.

Alberto Bernal, Director Phygital Territories at Indra Minsait.

Samuel López, CEO Activa Proyectos SL (Plantae ), startup of the UC3M Science Park.

Alejandro Correa, Project Manager Drone Hopper, startup of the UC3M Science Park.

Banco Santander representative (Agrifood program).

UC3M Research and Transfer Vice Management and Support Service for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Activity in collaboration with the Business Association of the Science and Technology Park of Leganés.

In addition, other speakers who participate in different forums: (+Info)

  • General Forum on Innovation and Digital Transformation. Important speakers from the agri-food sector will discuss strategies and lines of action.
  • Forum on Blue Economy: Seas and Oceans. The objective of this forum is to get companies and administrations to work together to safeguard the health of the seas and oceans.
  • II Forum of Renewable Energies applied to the agri-food sector.
  • II Innovation Forum on Olive Oil. Very important sector at national and international level.
  • III International Water Forum. The issue of drought and "the control and correct management of water use in Spain" will be addressed (The PERTE of water in Spain).
  • IV European Forum to Fight Depopulation and the Demographic Challenge. Participates virtually, among others, the vice president of the commission for demography issues.

Activa Proyectos SL

Our company belongs to the innovation and entrepreneurship group of the Carlos III University of Madrid.

It offers design and development of wireless technology focused on gardening and precision agriculture to optimize irrigation, increasing productivity.

  • Sensors for humidity, conductivity, temperature.
  • Flowmeter and custom agronomic algorithms depending on the crop.
  • Weather station for automatic drip irrigation control.

Plantae at Smart Agrifood 2022

Our company has participated in this fair since 2019. In 2020 we received the Innovation Award. Various national media echo the news, highlighting «I Smart Agri food Summit Technological Innovation Award, whose objective was to reward talent and innovation in the agri-food field, the rural environment and all its related and auxiliary industries».

This year 2022, our CEO Samuel López will participate in another table with the proposal «Intelligent irrigation: plans and perspectives» at 4:45 p.m. next Thursday.

Digital media pick up the meeting

The news highlights the following points:

  • Population and growth, agricultural production. Concern about the inequality between population growth and the increase in agriculture.
  • The risk of 'returning' European funding. «Money will have to be returned -in reference to the NextGeneration funds- because there are not enough projects«
  • Listen to the farmer. The proposal of our CEO Samuel López, "we must go step by step towards the implementation of technology by the farmer because the objective now of startups and companies is to educate and transfer that simple message of technology to the final customer and the Administrations unite and not disunite». "In our case, at Plantae, the key has been to listen to the farmer, be by his side and see his needs , and then develop and think about how technology could help him"
  • Technology and generational change. “A few years ago they were more reluctant to use technology in the field. Now we see, especially based on the reality that had to be managed with the pandemic, that they are more receptive and, moreover, when they enter the farms those new generations that are already more accustomed to these technologies, and who see their benefits in the application, everything is easier».

(+ Info) «Sector primario; epicentro de la innovación tecnológica para afrontar la hiperpoblación y la emergencia climática»



Smart Agrifood Summit

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Ahorra agua e insumos y transforma tu cultivo con tecnología avanzada subvencionada a fondo perdido con hasta con 12.000 € de Kit Digital