Sensors in the gardens of the Carlos III University of Madrid

Plantae once again updates the installation of sensors at the University Carlos III from Madrid. This Institution is committed to "intelligent water saving", and thanks to our sensors with LoRa radio frequency technology, a range of 700 meters and new measurement algorithms, we will seek to obtain savings data by the end of the year.

In this line today, 10 buried sensors will be installed measuring 10 cm deep in grass, which will be added to those already installed in 2018 in shrubs and trees. All in the Rectorate building on the Getafe Campus. In addition, and to avoid the disappearance of the sensors due to bandalism and other causes, they have been completely buried, reducing the emission range to 350 meters but maintaining a good distance from our hub - receiver.

The objective is to analyze the savings data from March to September and carry out a statistical study of water and energy savings.


Hub / receiver on wall
Hub / receiver on wall

Plantae experiences its first Sensors at the Carlos III University

The co-founders of Plantae are engineers attached to this University. They have been linked to the UC3M Science Park since 2011 with various startups and technological projects.

One of the first initiatives of this entrepreneurial team was to realize the final degree project that the current CEO of Plantae, Samuel López, developed. It obtained the third prize for the best project of the year 2013 awarded by the College of Engineers of Madrid.

Later they launched more initiatives from the IT and industrial sectors. And it was in 2014 when they started, together with the ideologist and co-founder of Plantae, Javier Escudero, investor and advisor, the idea of ​​creating humidity and temperature sensors.

But what else links Plantae with UC3M?

  • The current offices and test fields can be found at Scientific Park of the Carlos III University of Leganés in Madrid. from Leganés Tecnológico.
  • Some of our previous projects were awarded a scholarship by the Carlos III University.
  • Belonging to the UC3M Nursery / Incubator benefits this company with advice, business support, facilities and brand dissemination
  • The first sensors and hubs installed in the test phase of 2016 were located in different areas of the gardens of the UC3M Science Park.
    The objectives of this phase were to validate the correct measurement of our sensors and the reception of data with radio frequency technology.
  • Samuel López and Javier Escudero are currently associate professors within the area of ​​Mechanical Engineering at UC3M (Leganés).
  • Our entrepreneurial spirit has always been endorsed by this University.

Today we take one more step with this cooperation contract.

We hope it is the beginning of a much larger project !!.

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