Sensors in peppers from Murcia and Almería- (Humidity probes)

The regions of Murcia and Andalusia continue to bet on optimizing irrigation with our « Sensors in peppers».

Murcian peppers are known both for their fresh consumption and for the species of paprika. Sweet peppers of the «ball» variety give rise to the designation of origin « paprika de Murcia», dry powder used as a condiment, highly appreciated in the Mediterranean diet.

The other province that stands out in the production of peppers is Almería.

Importance of Probes / Sensors in Peppers- When and How to Water Peppers

The pepper is grown from the transplant of the little plant from a nursery annually. Its characteristics depend on the way of growing it and the climatic conditions.

Irrigation control with humidity sensors is essential for what we highlight below:

  • Root system voluminous and deep.
  • It has a main taproot from which other lateral and quite abundant branches branch.
  • The ideal terrain is sandy loam.
  • It tolerates salinity in a moderate and controlled way.
  • It needs a lot of light .
  • It must have a significant supply of nitrogen .
  • It needs a lot of water and the control with sensors in peppers is essential for the quality of the fruit and for the quantity.
  • drip irrigation controlled reduces salinity and avoids water stress.
Riego controlado por sondas en pimientos
Irrigation controlled by probes in peppers. 1-Conductivity probe / sensor. 2-Wet bulb around the root system. 3-Accumulation of salts. 4-Drip irrigation. 5- Humidity probe

Varieties of peppers

Denomination of origin «paprika from Murcia»

They are sweet, light and semi-fleshy with abundant seeds and a green peduncle. They have a strong odor and a fatty component.


partes del pimiento
Pepper parts

The regions that produce "paprika de Murcia" are those indicated on the following map:

Sensores en pimientos en invernadero de pimientos
Probes / sensors for humidity and conductivity in pepper greenhouse

Importance of pepper in diet

The contribution of vitamins and minerals of the pepper is very important.

One of the most important characteristics is the contribution of vitamin C and A . But it also highlights vitamin E and B6, B3, B2, B1 and folic acid.

Also minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and many carbohydrates.

Also antioxidant power and low in calories.

Hub/receptor de Plantae en invernaderos de pimiento
Plantae hub / receiver controlling humidity sensors.

The sensors are installed near the wet bulb of the drip zone but the farmer can measure different zones according to his interest. The depths they cover are 15cm and 30cm to analyze in detail how irrigation behaves and thus optimize resources. 

Sensors in peppers-Greenhouses of peppers in Torre Pacheco
Sensors in peppers-Greenhouses of peppers in Torre Pacheco
Sensores en pimientos-Invernaderos de Torre Pacheco
Sensors / probes in peppers-Greenhouses of Torre Pacheco

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