Sensors / probes in olive and citrus trees in Seville-Precision agriculture

The year begins loaded with sensor installations in olive and citrus trees in Seville and other provinces. For this reason today we are going to talk about agriculture in Seville.

Seville agriculture

Seville has a temperate climate with mild winters and hot summers. The average annual temperature is about 19º.

This makes its agriculture very extensive and the crops of: cereal, rice, legume, cotton, vineyards, citrus fruits, other non-citrus fruits such as peaches and olive trees stand out with an irrigated area of ​​about 100,000 ha.


Agricultura en Sevilla
Production production of Seville with respect to Andalusia

Among the crops to which controlled irrigation can be applied, we will highlight the olive tree and citrus.

Without ruling out any other irrigated crop to which we will dedicate other articles.

Sensors in olive trees in Seville

Olive trees need watering especially during flowering and fruit ripening, which coincides with the driest season in this province.

The control of irrigation by sensors in olive trees influences olive production and size, with the importance that in this province most of the olives are table olives, more than 50% compared to the rest of Spain.

The " Gordal de Sevilla olive " and the " Sevillian chamomile " stand out, which are known for their special seasoning on an international level.

Therefore, an irrigation contribution is necessary, especially by drip, with an organized plan of sensors depending on the type of soil, variety and situation. This system is the best to avoid evaporation and runoff.

This time sensors and n olive trees at 30cm and 60cm deep to control the humidity in the zone of maximum absorption (first sensor) and analyze the loss of irrigation by drainage. All this facilitates the knowledge of the contribution of irrigation, saving water and improving productivity.

The sensors in olive trees have already been implemented in varieties: hojiblanca, marteño, picual and arbequina from various Andalusian provinces, as well as cornicabra in Castilla La Mancha.

All of them with very satisfactory results due to the saving of water and the contribution to the improvement of quality.

Sensors in citrus

In citrus fruits, a regulated water supply is important to guarantee the quality of the fruit.

Limonero en Caravaca de la Cruz

Several factors influence:

The frequency of irrigation , more abundant in times of high heat, but always regulated.

The type of soil and the retention it has.

The climate , especially frost risk control.

Avoid excess humidity . Waterlogging causes the leaves to turn yellow and the tree is in danger.

If there is no controlled irrigation, the tree suffers « citric stress », damaging production.

Our sensors give in real time the irrigation needs of the citrus fruit and benefit its production and save water.
Material de instalación de sensores
Preparing to install sensors


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