IV National Congress of Stone Fruit-Sensors in agriculture

Our CEO Samuel López on the 26th from 10:00 to 10:20 , will explain online: «The use of sensors in irrigated agriculture» in the IV National Congress of Stone Fruit . It will be held in Murcia on NOVEMBER 25 and 26, 2021 organized by Agromarketing

Sensors in irrigated agriculture

Los sensores y sondas inalámbricos de humedad, temperatura del suelo y conductividad son fundamentales para mantener la atmósfera del suelo en perfecto estado. Además controlados por un Hub/receptor con energía solar que permita la instalación en fincas aisladas.

Las sondas controlan en tiempo real la cantidad de agua del bulbo húmedo y evitan los encharcamientos. Valoran la salud del sistema radicular por medio de la temperatura.

We can measure the following parameters:

  • The humidity of the earth at different depths and automatically. This allows adjusting the irrigation cycles, quantity, frequency and duration, to provide the crop with the water it needs.
  • The conductive trend . We control salinity.
  • Surface temperature helps to make decisions in case of frost or excessive temperatures.
  • The temperature of the subsoil that indicates the health of the root system.
  • The sensors are customizable in depth.
  • The probes can be installed both surface and buried.

Plantae at the IV Stone Fruit Congress

Nuestra presencia en el IV Congreso de Fruta de Hueso es muy importante, porque en Murcia tenemos ya muchos clientes que nos avalan y reconocen el ahorro de agua.

Sensors in agriculture and especially in stone fruit trees are essential to control the quality of the product.

We collaborate with farmers by making available distributors in the area such as Prosecam who advise and help carry out management plans to obtain quality harvests.

Other leading companies on different topics also participate in this fair: fertigation, plant health, new varieties, smart agro or commercialization.


The written press of the area echoes our technology, with real results of saving water and therefore the expenses in sensors more than amortized. In addition to corroborating the improvement of the quality of the product.

Sensors in irrigated agriculture

Sustainable agriculture with probes

The best way to take care of the environment and to carry out sustainable agriculture is by monitoring the soil with agricultural probes.

If we take advantage of the fruit and pruning remains for compost and at the same time we control water consumption and avoid fertilizers, in addition to improving quality, we collaborate in the control of the environment.

Our soil is maintained by natural nutrients and trees they will grow much healthier. The fruits will be of quality and at the same time we save water and energy.

We also collaborate with a circular and regenerative agriculture as we are already indicating in other articles: « Bioeconomia en Agricultura de precision-Circular and green economy (I) «

But most importantly, we obtain organic and quality stone fruit.



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