Agricultural sensors-probes in 12 countries on 4 continents

We started this project in 2017 and after 6 years we can already tell you that we are starting installations and sales outside the Iberian Peninsula. Specifically, Plantae is already found in 4 continents: southern Europe, northern Africa, South America, and central Asia.

Plantae agricultural sensors-probes expand their range

The easy installation and shipping capacity, in addition to the well-known wireless technology of agricultural sensors-probes, make farmers and professionals in the sector trust our company and our measurement algorithms.

The measurements, both in the soil and in the atmosphere, allow the farmer to monitor all phases of the crop, improving its quality and quantity, saving time, water and energy.

Areas where we have installed agricultural sensors-probes

The entire Mediterranean area of Europe


We have installed sensors-probes in 48 provinces of Spain, especially the Mediterranean area, where the number of clients increases considerably in all types of crops, horticultural, stone fruit, tropical and citrus, olive trees, almond trees, walnut, pistachio, legumes, greenhouses, garden…

All of this could only have happened thanks to our network of distributors and technicians throughout the geographic area.

But we also have sensors in bananas from the Canary Islands, olive trees from the Balearic Islands, herbaceous trees from Huesca, vineyards from all communities, permaculture in Asturias...

mapa de España y Portugal de sensores-sondas agrícoles en 2023
Map of Spain and Portugal with agricultural sensors-probes in 2023


The second country with the most clients and the first in which we have installed sensors, outside of Spain, is Portugal, where the intensive olive trees of the Alentejo tested the advantages of humidity, conductivity and temperature measurements in real time, due to the high absorption of water and nutrients from intensive plantations.

At the same time and thanks to our distributor Hortiprofissional with horticultural and woody clients, a progressive expansion has been carried out in fruit crops, pistachio, vegetables and tropical in the center and south of the country.


Country of olive groves and vineyards par excellence and large areas of vegetables and fruit trees, they have seen the importance of managing their crops with wireless technology that allows them to apply precision agriculture to their crops.

We have installed throughout the central and southern area, from Florence. And we provide support with the partner Elaisian, uniting Plantae technology with climate models for pest forecasting in olive, almond and vineyard.


France, although it has a colder climate than Spain, has important irrigated areas that must be controlled. and that they are expanding due to the lack of rain. Plantae has installed equipment in the southern part of the country and around Marseille, with high sales expectations in 2024.

Mediterranean area of Africa


The northern area, with a Mediterranean climate, with olive trees, vineyards and fruit trees, has valued that its humidity control and the possibility of avoiding water stress to crops was possible with the installation of wireless agricultural sensors-probes. Plantae has many teams in fruit trees since 2019.


The increase in technology in Morocco is a reality and we have installed sensors in intensive tomato plantations in the Marrakech area. The objective is to continue growing in the country during 2024.

Map of Plantae agricultural sensors-probes in Europe and Africa
Map of Plantae agricultural sensors-probes in Europe and Africa


UAE. United Arab Emirates: there is a modernization project with a complete meteorological station, being the first region to install the Plantae anemometer, in addition to some monitoring probes in hydroponic crops.

In addition to this country, proofs of concept are beginning in India and other regions.

Agricultural sensor-probes in southern North America


We send equipment to the central area of Mexico, León and Guanajuato, some for gardens, but especially for fruit trees and berries. An extensive development plan is being worked on there thanks to partners and distributors.

Central America


We have installed sensors in watermelon and other horticultural crops.

Dominican Republic

In several areas of the Dominican Republic in avocado and other woody crops.

South America


In Brazil we have sensors in soybeans, large intensive plantations that need a lot of control, in addition to other woody crops.


Sensors in livestock pastures, normally with furrow, flood or pivot irrigation. Drought problems are reaching several areas of the country and saving water has become a priority.


The last shipment made with various hub equipment, probes and flowmeters was to Chile. An expansion plan is beginning in this country, mainly in fruit, citrus and horticultural crops.

Map of America with Plantae agricultural sensors-probes
Map of America with Plantae agricultural sensors-probes


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