WIRELESS Moisture SENSORS in agriculture - Smart WATER saving

Plantae is a wireless sensor technology focused smart water saving in agriculture and gardening professional that allow to optimize irrigation through subsoil humidity, conductivity and temperature probes.

Features of wireless humidity sensors for agriculture

This startup born in 2014 but with full activity since the end of 2016 is based on IoT (Internet of Things) technology to help the professional farmer or gardener in:

  1. The management of its water resources.
  2. Intelligent water saving , maintaining or increasing the productivity of your crops.

MANY FARMS in Spain and Portugal are already enjoying these wireless probes, with digital access and very low cost.

Irrigated crops such as;

  • The olive.
  • The pistachio.
  • The almond tree.
  • The vine.
  • Walnut and other fruit trees.
  • Corn, garlic, potato, tomato and other vegetables.
  • Professional gardens such as the one at the Carlos III University of Madrid.
  • The Botanical Garden of Barcelona.
  • Botanical garden of Madrid.
  • Madrid racecourse.
  • Soccer and golf courses.

All this in provinces such as Madrid, Toledo, Ciudad Real, Albacete, Ávila, Huesca, Barcelona, ​​Jaén, Córdoba, Seville, Almería, Alicante and Murcia.


The great virtues of this cordless PROBE technology are:

  1. Its easy installation (although wireless soil moisture sensors / probes can measure up to a meter in depth).
  2. Its wireless communication without cables, with Hub / receiver equipped with solar panel.
  3. Access to data in real time regardless of the location of the farmer or agricultural technician from the mobile or tablet.
Plantae agro con sensores inalámbricos
A team of agricultural technicians and engineers at your disposal to advise you with our wireless sensors

With the sensors it is facilitated:

  • Monitoring of humidity data by each of the sensors.
  • Irrigation decisions based on the type of soil, crop.
  • Wireless sensor readings at different depths.

Behind this project, which has the support of the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Science Park, and which recently received the 3rd prize for Innovative Company at the AgroExpo fair in Don Benito (Badajoz) , there is a group of industrial engineers, agronomists and computer scientists with more than 8 years of experience in the creation and launch of technology-based companies.

We hope to continue receiving more recognitions in the future with our desire to improve and give THE BEST service to farmers. Our goal is to improve the quality and quantity of crops and transform the agricultural sector into PRECISION AGRICULTURE.

Esquema de riego por goteo
Drip irrigation scheme. 1-Rain. 2-Absorption. 3-Drip irrigation. 4-Perspiration. 5-Conductivity sensor. measuring accumulation of salts 6-Humidity sensor. 7-Drip hose. 8-Wet bulb. 9-Root system. 10-Accumulated salts. 11-Filtration of the subsoil. 12-Depth
Olivos centenarios
Wireless sensors in centenary olive trees with humidity controlled by Plantae



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