Field Diary-Report of Plantae and Frutas Durán-The best irrigation

This April Plantae was fortunate that the "Diario del Campo" program of the TV7 de Murcia will include us in one of their programs, with an extensive report.

Diario del Campo deals with the following topics with us:

In addition, the recording took place in an apricot and Paraguayan farm of Frutas Durán, in Mazarrón , where we have recently begun to measure humidity in two of its irrigation sectors.

Enjoy this magnificent report by clicking on this link or directly from our blog:

Duran Fruits

Frutas Durán is the plantation where the report is made. It is an example of how an intensive plantation should be watered.

The humidity sensors / probe for irrigation that we install in this plantation have the objective of measuring the humidity of the crop in real time.

The information helps the farmer to adjust irrigation times and to give the Paraguayan and apricot crops the water it needs when it needs it.

Stone fruit trees are sensitive to lack of moisture and excess. That is why Frutas Durán is committed to intelligent sensor / humidity probe technology.

Frutas Durán-Report in Field Diary
Frutas Durán-Report in Diario del Campo-Paraguaya
Frutas Durán-Report in Field Diary
Frutas Durán-Report in Field Diary
Albaricoque en Frutas Durán- Reportaje de "Diario del Campo"
Apricot in Duran Fruits

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