Moisture sensors in agriculture-What graphics do our customers see?

More and more people are contacting us interested in our humidity sensor technology wireless with measurement and real-time monitoring .

Humidity sensors

Precision agriculture and moisture sensors
Precision agriculture and moisture sensors

As explained in our web , the humidity and temperature sensors take readings automatically every 4 hours and they are sent by radio frequency to our hub, which in turn transfers the data to the online platform.

This platform, accessible from PC or smartphone , shows the readings of each of the sensors in the defined areas, which vary according to the type of soil, the topography of the land and the irrigation and cultivation sectors.

Types of humidity sensor customers

With this structure we differentiate two types of humidity sensor customers:

  • Those who seek deficit irrigation adjusting to the margins of Field Capacity (CC) and Wilt Point (PM) according to the type of soil and crop.
  • Those who want to irrigate within their Easily Assimilable Water (AFA) margin without harming the crop.

Advantages of installing probes / sensors

By measuring the humidity of the subsoil we can:

  • Adjust irrigation cycles.
  • Decide the amount of water at each phenological moment in our crop.
  • We can decide the reading frequency.
  • Program the duration of irrigation.

In this way we provide the crop with the water it needs when it needs it (AFA).

We can also measure the conductive tendency of the soil and assess whether there is accumulation of salts. In this way, adjust the thresholds without damaging the plant.

Another parameter to be measured is the temperature of the subsoil (up to 60cm deep), which reflects the state of the root activity of the crop and improves the application of fertilizers and treatments.

Here we show you a couple of graphs so that you can see real readings in two crops and farms.

Gráfico visual de los sensores de humedad
Graph emitted by humidity sensors
Conductivity graph
Conductivity graph

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