Pruebas con sensores en parcs i jardins de Barcelona-Jardinería de precisión

The City Council transferred us this summer its problems in younger trees planted throughout the city, therefore we decided to do tests with sensors in gardens in different gardens in different parts of the city

Thanks to the installation of sensors in the gardens, those in charge of the City Council will be able to monitor the humidity of the land in real time and assess whether the irrigation is adequate for each type of tree.

Way of working

As a first contact we install probes and sensors buried in the planters of the young trees, to start measuring and searching like this:

  • Optimize irrigation.
  • Assess the water deposited in each sector.
Sensors in gardens-Barcelona
Sensores en parcs i jardins de Barcelona

Importance of placing sensors humidity in gardens

Given the complexity of caring for each of the plants, Plantae offers solutions for humidity control at different points

  • We can measure with humidity probes according to the root system of each plant.
  • They are placed strategically offering the possibility of controlling each block of plants, according to the amount of water required.
  • The irrigation controlled by sensors allows that the plants do not suffer water stress.
  • The needs of the garden can be controlled in real time.

Agronomic study of Plantae

  • We divide the garden into areas that have plants with the same water needs.
  • We take into account the aesthetics of the garden without forgetting the three basic blocks of water demand: high, moderate and low.
  • We consider the weather and the number of hours of sunshine.
  • We consider the depth of the soil because it influences the rooting of the plants. In cities it is usually shallow.

The contribution of sensors in gardens controls the water needs of each block of plants and thus the growth will be the ideal one.

We also manage to save water and energy at the same time that we are going to have much more attractiveness, flowering and health in our garden.

Not only is controlled irrigation important to save water, but also to avoid flooding that will lead to the plant not suffering from diseases and not damaging its roots.

We thank the gardening team of the city of Barcelona for their help and involvement in completing the installations.

¡Moltes gràcies!

Sensors in gardens-probes in Barcelona
Sensores en jardines-Sondas de humedad en parcs i jardins de Barcelona

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