Hub / Receptor GPRS

Hub Specifications

  • Power source: 6V/12V battery fed by solar panel.
  • Data reception: via LoRa radio frequency with a range up to 700 m from the Hub/Receptor.
  • GPRS
  • IP65
  • OPTIONAL: micro-usb power connector to supply 220V C.A.

The Hub includes a 5W/10W solar panel that supplies power to the 6V/12V battery. The panel catches solar radiation and supplies power to the battery both outside and inside a greenhouse, even with a tainted ceiling, making the receptor compatible with protected crops.

The Hub's case has an IP65 certification and is water and chemical resistant which makes it completely compatible with irrigation and application of plant protection products.

The receptor or antenna can be installed independently on a specific post designed by Plantae or on a wall (cottage, shed, hut...). There is a version of the Hub with a plug-in charger (220V) that doesn’t include the battery or the solar panel and it isn't water resistant. The greater the height on which it is placed the better the range making it possible to install a single Hub in fields of 100-120 ha.


Plantae Hub

Hub/Receptor with its own battery or 220V (-10€), radio frequency up to 700 m, GPRS

199 € / u