16-20mm Flowmeter and Main Pipe Flowmeter


16-20mm Flowmeter

  • Measuring principle: single-jet meters
  • Counter length without fittings: 110 - 130 mm
  • Body material: Plastic
  • Registration: Dry Dial
  • Dry dial protection class: IP68 ("Copper Can")
  • Nominal diameter DN (mm): DN15
  • Nominal diameter (inches): 1/2"-3/4"
  • Diameter (mm): from 16 to 20 mm
  • Indicators: cubic meters (m3)
  • Data transmission via radio frequency to the Hub/Station/Receptor up to 700 m

Main Pipe Flowmeter

  • Measuring principle: multiple-jet meters
  • IP68 Dial Protection
  • Fittings included or supplied by provider
  • Counter types
    • ZENNER
  • Permanent flow (m3/h) Q3=16-400
  • Diameter (mm): DN40/DN50/DN65/DN80/DN100/DN125/DN150/DN200
  • CE Compliance Certification according to 2014/32/eu regulation (MID)
  • Data transmission via radio frequency to the Hub/Station/Receptor up to 700 m

Flowmeter to control irrigation in the pipeline or dripline (16-20mm) or in the irrigation sectors. The sensor is completely compatible with any irrigation system. It adjusts to any type of pipe and it is easy and quick to install.

For the main pipe flowmeter we offer the possibility to acquire the full ensemble (flowmeter + data transmission probe) or to "digitalize" the existing flowmeter if it has pulse counter.

It includes an analogical counter, dry dial, to check water flow on-site.

By correlating the flowmeter's reading with the moisture and subsoil temperature graphs we can design an efficient irrigation routine that respects crop water needs, soil characteristics and water application system.

The flowmeter's case has an IP68 certification and is water and chemical resistant making it compatible with irrigation and the application of plant protection products. Moreover, we offer the possibility to add additional protection to the unit that protect the sensor from condensations or other elements that hamper the readings and their use.