Plantae Agro, a team of agricultural technicians and engineers at your disposal

We are aware that every installation is unique and our technology has to be adapted to each particular case. Plantae's technicians are capable of adapting each installation to the client's soil and crop type. They carry out particle size analysis, soil macronutrient characterization and soil type determination in order to adjust the measurement parameters to the water's behavior in the soil. Plantae Agro as well as our distribution net gives counsel in the planning of the installation and the correct use of the technology. Moreover, we use satellite images to correctly determine sensor location. In so doing we make sure that the installation is adapted to the client's needs from the start with which we increase efficiency.

Furthermore, Plantae Agro offers counseling on the measurements and results shown in the field's graphs. The team helps the client with graph interpretation so that data is used as an effective management tool of the resources.

How does Plantae Agro work

We listen

We need to know your measurement needs, location and crop to design a custom solution: crop type, soil type, irrigation sectors, sensors and field topography.

Study and personalised bugdet

We make a proposal of sensors, services and communications based on your needs and under the supervision of an agronomic engineer. We also use satellite images to correctly plan sensor placement.

Installation and maintenance

The convenience of our technology allows us to make a quick installation and ongoing maintenance. As long as you are registered you have guarantee and support according to your needs and contingencies.

Analysis of results

Consult the Plantae Manager platform from a computer or smartphone and receive our reports and warnings: graphs and sensor data in each zone, personalized warnings and evolution history per zone and sensor. If you wish you can also count with counseling from our experts on irrigation, fertirrigation and graph interpretation.