Probes in vine-Espaldera in the province of Ciudad Real

With this start of the year we visited several farms in Ciudad Real and installed vine probes.

Specifically in Cinco Casas, where he has his vineyard Bodegas San José, nestled in a crossroads of roads, in the province of Ciudad Real but a step away from Toledo, is the town of Herencia.

Characteristics of the vineyard:

  • A Cooperative that has more than 700 members.
  • Some farmers who allow this winery to produce wines that are a true reflection of its people.
  • Balanced wines, adaptable to the needs of the market and with permanent quality standards.


In this case we are talking about vineyards in Espaldera where we will install sensors at 60cm and 40cm depth next February.

It is an area where water is scarce and the optimization of irrigation has become a priority need.

Precision agriculture brought to the vineyards

The great virtues of this wireless vine sensor / probe technology are:

  1. Its easy installation (although wireless sensors / probes can measure up to a meter in depth).
  2. Its wireless communication without cables, with Hub / receiver equipped with solar panel.
  3. Access to data in real time regardless of the location of the farmer or agricultural technician from the mobile or tablet.

With the probes in vid it is facilitated:

  • Monitoring of humidity data by each of the sensors.
  • Irrigation decisions based on the type of soil.
  • Wireless sensor readings at different depths.
  • Avoid the accumulation of salts because the vineyard receives the water it needs. With the reigo controlled by probes / sensors, it does not suffer from water stress.

 Our goal is to improve the quality and quantity of the vineyards and transform the agricultural sector in general, with PRECISION AGRICULTURE.

Sondas en vid a dos profundidades
Probes / sensors in vine at two depths
Vine sensors / probes
Vine sensors / probes



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