First humidity sensors for agriculture in 2016-We started

Plantae begins its journey by receiving the first subsurface moisture sensors in November 2016.

What is a subsurface moisture sensor?

It is a humidity reading device, with two rods that we can bury at different depths, depending on the type of crop and its root system.

Regardless of the type of terrain, it detects humidity and emits the signal to a Hub / receiver, which in turn forwards it to a platform and this to the user's mobile or tablet. All in real time and with readings scheduled according to the demand of the farmer or gardening professional.

The sensor is wireless and self-powered, it can go buried if it looks convenient.

The Hub is powered by solar panel if there is no nearby power point. It has a range of 700 meters from the sensor and can connect with multiple sensors at the same time.

The soil moisture sensor (probe) can be used in traditional or intensive agriculture and in private or professional gardening.

The distribution of the sensors (probes) is determined after a detailed study of the terrain, the plot and the crop to be controlled.

Our team Plantae Agro advises and controls both the installation and the subsequent operation.

First Plantae humidity sensors
First Plantae humidity sensors

The first order for subsurface moisture sensors

We received the first humidity sensors
We received the first humidity sensors

After weeks of changes and improvements in technology, we received the first 50 units of sensors to mount and calibrate.

We are very excited about this new project.

With this order, we will start the tests locally, thus validating the different parameters of our technology:

  • Software intelligence.
  • Collection of measurements.
  • RF communications.
  • Connection with our servers.

This is a fundamental step in the validation of the operation of the product before doing the first tests on the final tester client.

Lectura de sondas de humedad
Reading of the first humidity sensors
Lectura en la plataforma Plantae de las sondas
Reading humidity sensors on the Plantae platform

First Hub / Receiver Layout November 2016

We designed the first version of the 2.0 sensor and hub, with IP treatment to avoid:

  • The contact of our electronics with humidity.
  • That they are altered with other external agents.

Although the model in the image is shown in a conventional pot, they will be the first prototypes to be tested in our environment and those first tester clients in the agricultural sector who install Plantae in early 2017.

Of course, for this we still have to validate the type of steel used, since that of the prototypes only serves for pots and small planters.

Primer Hub/receptor de sondas de suelo Plantae
First Plantae Soil Moisture Sensor Hub / Receiver

First humidity sensors with local tests-December 2016

After receiving the first units of sensors and hubs (WiFi and gprs) we have proceeded to install them for testing through different areas of the Scientific Park of the Carlos III University of Madrid:

  • Lawn test.
  • Installation in indoor pots.
  • Sensor in the bushes.
  • Try some flowers.

The objective of this phase is to validate the correct measurement of our sensors as well as the reception of data with radio frequency technology.

First installation of humidity sensors in pistachio

After finishing the period of tests in our environment of the UC3M Science Park , we installed the first drip irrigation humidity sensors / probes to one of our pistachio tree tester clients.

The location was in Herencia (Ciudad Real) with an installation of 18 sensors on three types of terrain:

  • The first frank.
  • Another sandy loam.
  • Finally another clay loam.
First humidity sensors
First humidity sensors

Goals to achieve in the pistachio fields

In order to capture the first readings at different depths, sensors have been installed in the dripping zone and in the non-dripping zone with depths of up to 60 cm.

Second test installation with the first humidity sensors-March 2017

We ended the month of March with more than 100 sensors scheduled to install in May / June to the first clients / testers of Plantae.

Over the next few weeks plantae will install sensors on:

  • Pistacheros of Ciudad Real and Arganda del Rey.
  • Olive trees of Ciudad Real and Córdoba.
  • Walnut in Córdoba.
  • Almond trees from Palma de Mallorca and Córdoba.
  • Fruit trees (peach trees) and vegetables (pink tomato, potato) in Huesca

An important intermediate step before starting the first sales and having launched our SaaS management panel for farmers and garden professionals.



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Ahorra agua e insumos y transforma tu cultivo con tecnología avanzada subvencionada a fondo perdido con hasta con 12.000 € de Kit Digital